Richard A. Schonfeld

Chesnoff & Schonfeld

Litigation Attorney

Areas of Practice

Criminal Law

Criminal law is the system of law where a local, state or federal government agency brings charges against someone accused of having committed criminal wrongdoing.

Complex Business Litigation

Complex Business Litigation refers to the process of presenting complicated legal issues to the court on behalf of business and corporate entities.

Complex Family Law Litigation

This area of practice involves representation in court for complicated relationship disputes. Examples of such disputes are child custody, child custody relocation requests, division of marital assets, valuation of marital businesses, and spousal support.

Entertainment Law

This area of practice involves representation of individuals or entities in filmed, recorded, sports, or live entertainment.

High Damage Personal Injury

High Damage Personal injury occurs in a variety of circumstances where an individual suffers severe injury to their body, mind, or emotions, as a result of negligence, carelessness, or wrongful conduct of another.

State and Federal Appeals

Appellate law is the practice of having a higher court review a decision of the lower court. In Nevada, a District Court appeal would go to either the Court of Appeals or the Nevada Supreme Court. In federal court, the appeal would go to the Circuit Court of Appeals.


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